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Formax FD 6304 Special 3l Inserter

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Formax FD 6304 Special 3l Inserter

Quick Overview

  • Three Station with 2 Standard Feeders, 1 Special Feeder on Bottom, BCR Basic and MailDoc Beginner Software

  • AutoSetTM one-touch setup
  • Fully automatic adjustments
  • 25 programmable fold applications
  • Full-color touchscreen control is easy to use
  • Processes up to 3,600 pieces per hour and up to 40,000 pieces per month
  • Fold types: C, V, Z, Double Parallel, No Fold
  • All Formax Inserters include pre-sale support to verify the correct machine for the customers applications & have technician on-site, 90 Day warranties and also include installation and training.

    Product Description

    The 6304 Series Inserters combine user-friendly features with high productivity. Three base models are available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of any size office or mailroom. Standard insert feeders accommodate up to 325 sheets each, and the standard catch tray holds up to 200 filled envelopes. For increased productivity, High-Capacity configurations are available, which include a Vertical Stacker that holds up to 500 finished envelopes, a Document Feeder that holds up to 725 sheets, and/or a Production Feeder, with a capacity of up to 325 BREs or short inserts. Options include Advanced OMR and BCR, Formax MailDocTM Software, short feed trays and a side exit tray. A full-color touchscreen control panel, combined with 25 programmable jobs, provides efficient and hassle-free operation. The 6304 Series is powerful enough to fold up to 8 pages in tri-fold and up to 10 pages in half-fold modes. Its versatility allows for processing forms of various lengths and thickness all at the same time, up to 3,600 per hour and up to 40,000 pieces per month. The exclusive AutoSetTM feature makes processing forms a snap by sensing and automatically setting the paper length, paper thickness, fold type, envelope size and double document detection.

    The 6304 Series is available in 12 configurations to meet your specific processing needs. A variety of documents up to 14” in length, including checks, invoices, newsletters and reply envelopes can be inserted in almost any configuration. The 6304 Special models have a special feeder that allows for the insertion of glossy and thicker documents as well. To increase operator productivity and reduce loading and unloading time, the 6304 Series offers these High-Capacity options: a Vertical Stacker that holds up to 500 filled envelopes, and Document Feeder that holds up to 725 sheets that is ideal for OMR/BCR applications.

    The 6304 Series processes at a rate of up to 3,600 pieces per hour and up to 40,000 pieces per month. Feeders can be re-filled on-the-fly allowing for continuous operation. Cascade Mode maximizes output by connecting multiple feeders filled with the same documents. When one feeder empties, the next automatically starts feeding, for a total hopper capacity of up to 1,050 sheets. The enhanced folding system folds and inserts up to 8 pages in tri-fold and up to 10 pages in half-fold.

    The 6304 Series has double document detectors located at each feed station to ensure document integrity. Optical Mark Recognition and Barcode Recognition are available options which allow for the automatic insertion of multiple-page documents. OMR and BCR determine which documents go together into each envelope, eliminating the tedious task of manually collating and inserting, while increasing document security. To generate OMR/BCR marks on your documents prior to inserting, Formax MailDocTM Software is a flexible and economical solution that can also provide postal savings through sorting, grouping and duplexing.

    The full-color touchscreen control panel provides easy setup at your fingertips. The AutoSetTM feature automatically senses and sets paper length, fold type, envelope size, fold length and double document detection. Simply load the documents into the feed hoppers and go. The 6304 Series also includes 25 programmable fold settings for recurring or frequently processed applications. The drop-in feed system and easy access to paper paths increase efficiency and maximize output, while its quiet operation is ideal for any environment, from mailroom to office.

  • Folds and/or inserts sheets, business reply envelopes and cards automatically in almost any combination
  • Multifeeding: Allows for a set number of pieces to be pulled from one feeder, then collated, folded and inserted automatically
  • Folding only without inserting
  • Daily Mail mode for inserting stapled sets
  • Clamshell design for easy access to paper path
  • Seal and non-seal capabilities
  • Two counters: One resettable for addition and batch counting, and one non-resettable
  • Four adjustable insert fingers
  • Double document detection
  • Folds and inserts up to 10 pages in half-fold, up to 8 pages in tri-fold
  • Low noise level, ideal for any environment
  • Standard Feeders: Up to 325 sheets each, 20# bond
  • High-Capacity Feeder (optional): Up to 725 sheets, 20# bond
  • Envelope Hopper: Up to 325 envelopes, top-loading
  • High-Capacity Vertical Stacker (optional): Up to 500 filled envelopes
  • Set Thickness: Up to 2.5 mm
  • Optional High-Capacity Vertical Stacker holds up to 500 finished envelopes
  • Optional High-Capacity Production Feeder holds up to 325 BREs or short inserts
  • Additional options: Short Feed Trays, OMR: Optical Mark Recognition, BCR: Barcode Recognition MailDocTM Document Management Software, Side Exit Tray, Locking Cabinet, 402 Series Joggers: Reduces static electricity from forms and aligns them for proper feeding

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